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> Spoon Cookbook
* 시중가격 160,000원
* 상품가격 144,000원 2,880원
* 저자 Alain Ducasse
* 출판일 2004년
* 상품코드 216
* 제조회사 Les Editions d Alain Ducasse
* 수량선택

SPOON COOK BOOK is the manifestation of Alain Ducasse sincere desire to delight the new generation of experimental epicuresand to remain resolutely contemporary. It presents 200 recipes inspired by the various SPOON restaurants worldwide, from Saint Tropez to London, with stopovers in Paris and Mauritius. Fusion, creativity, dynamism, and modernity are distinguishing characters of the cuisine presented in these pages: you can freely mix, associate, combine and create. In these pages, the proper balance rests, on the one hand, in the harmonious combination of sauces and main courses, and, on the other, in the merging of recipes and their illustrations. Fashion photographer Thomas Duval successfully met the challenge presented by Alain Ducasse. He deconstructs dishes then rebuilds them to create a new work of art, a true contemporary still life made of translucence. The eye practically reads every fiber to discover the purity and very essence of each product. SPOON COOK BOOK allows culinary art to truly take on its full meaning when a recipes creativity and its presentation are one, thus achieving a sublime combination of flavors, colors, and aromas.
(456 pages,250*300 mm,full color,paperback)

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