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   DVD/CD ROM> Professional Cooking


> Consomme Clarification (Additional Soups, Stocks and Sauces Videos)
* 시중가격 65,000원
* 상품가격 58,500원
* 저자 by Culinary Institute of America
* 출판일
* 상품코드 199
* 제조회사 Culinary institute
* 수량선택
Creating a flavorful, crystal-clear consomme is the mark of the consummate professional - one who understands:

How to develop flavors by balancing aromatics, meat, acids, and more
Simmering, straining, skimming, raft development, and preparation
The roles of oignon brule, acid, egg whites, ground meat, stocks, mirepoix, and other key ingredients
Mise en place lists and recipes are also included…

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