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> On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals, 3/E(CD ROM)
* 시중가격 140,000원
* 상품가격 126,000원 2,520원
* 저자 by Sarah R. Labensky
* 출판일 2002년7월
* 상품코드 203
* 제조회사 Prentice Hall
* 수량선택

Attractively designed and extensively illustrated with color photographs, line drawings, charts, and sidebars, this contemporary introduction to cooking and food preparation focuses on information that is relevant to todays students. Comprehensive and well written, it emphasizes an understanding of cooking fundamentals, explores the preparation of fresh ingredients, and provides information on other relevant topics such as food history and food science.

(1216 page,220x286 mm,full color,hard bound)

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