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* 시중가격 100,000원
* 상품가격 90,000원 1,800원
* 상품코드 0011_00008
* 제조회사 Wiley
* 제조국 USA
* 배송기간 2일 ~ 4일
* 수량선택

Master the Art of the Cold Kitchen

Millions if chefs have learned the fundamentals of cooking and baking like a professional from Professional Cooking and Professional Baking. Now, Lou Sachett, Jaclyn Pestka, and consulting author Wayne Gisslen bring those same hallmark features to understanding the art of garde manger.

This comprehensive and beautifully designed book builds on basic skills to present students and professional chefs with the advanced concepts and skills necessary to master garde manger work. Visually stunning and lavishly illustrated, the book includes step-to-step techniques, procedures, and finished dishes for more than 375 recipes and 400 variations. A variety of visuals totaling more than 700, and including more than 500 photographs, new and unique plating blueprints, and hundreds of line drawings, bring to life the methods, skills, and artistry at the core of garde manger work.

Professional Garde Manger is organized in a logical progression from basic preparations, such as sauces, salads, and sandwiches, to more complex ones, such as charcuterie work, mousselines, and chaud-froid. Within each chapter, practical theory is presented first, followed by information on ingredients, basic procedures, and, finally, recipes.

The demands of the garde manger’s craft require knowledge and skills drawn from all culinary disciplines. Professional Garde Manger, the most comprehensive treatment of the cold kitchen available, thoroughly prepares culinary students, cooks, and chefs for the specialized work of the garde manger chef—presenting high-quality cold foods for a variety of purposes and settings.

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